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  What better way can you honor the loss of a family pet than with with one of our personalized stones engraved with their name? 


  They also make great grave markers.  Personalized to your specifications with pet names from 2 to 11 characters. Includes pet name, paw print and date.

  Our larger stones/markers allow for up to 20 characters of your choice, to include dates or any wording you desire. Make sure to add the characters you desire when ordering. Different sized stones are available in the larger pet markers.

  Stone sizes and colors will vary. As with any custom-made product, please allow 1 to 4 weeks for delivery. Thank you!

3" to 4" stones = $25

5" to 6" stones = $40

7" to 9" stones = $60

10" to 12" stones = $85


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